The ultimate guide to eating on a budget in Stockholm

Sweden (and Scandinavia in general) is a notoriously expensive place. And the restaurants here are no exception. It’s common for a single dish in a restaurant to cost upwards of 20 euro, and that’s before you even look at the drinks menu! However, fear not, because I’ve done the hard work for you and eaten my way through pretty much all of Stockholm’s affordable eateries. A meal at all of these places should come in at around 100 kr per person (10 euros). I’ve eaten in all of them and have only included places I would go back to again. Smaklig måltid!

Chutney (vegetarian restaurant) – Katarina Bangata 19

For around 100 kr here you can get a huge and tasty vegetarian meal. Plus, water, salad, bread and coffee are free here (as in many Swedish restaurants).


La Neta (Mexican)  – Barnhusgatan 2

La Neta is a quick and informal stop for super tasty and good value tacos, quesadillas and burritos! I’ve been here twice and had a great dinner both times.

Kalf & Hansen (Nordic cafe) – Mariatorget 2

This little sandwich and salad stop is teeny-tiny and generally packed, for a good reason! It does Nordic-themed salad and sandwich plates (each one themed after a Nordic capital) for less than 100kr each.


Ikea – Kungenskurva // Barkarby

You can turn up your nose at the idea of grabbing lunch at Ikea, but you shouldn’t – especially not here in Sweden. It is quite literally the cheapest place of all to get a decent cooked meal, and the traditional Swedish dishes (meatballs and lax, of course) are all pretty good.


K25 (food court) – Kungsgatan 25

K25 is actually a trendy and fun food court right in central Stockholm, 2 minutes from Hotorget t-bana. It has several different kiosks serving quick and cheap meals from different cuisines.


Amed Kolgrill (Middle Eastern grill) – Fleminggatan 21

This grill place in St Eriksplan is nothing special to look at – basically it’s your typical kebab place – but if you’re hungry and on a budget it does great-value Middle Eastern dishes.

Palmyra Kebab – Årstavägen 57

This kebab place is a big favourite among our Swedish friends here and serves crazy huge portions (including takeaway) for less than 100 kr.

Holiday Restaurang (Asian buffet) – Mäster Samuelsgatan 60

There are plenty of these Asian buffets here and they tend to be decent value. Dinner here is 140 kr, which is a little more than the others on this list, but it is in central Södermalm, and you can eat your fill of unlimited (and pretty good) Chinese food and sushi. You’ll probably see one of the guys carrying a board advertising this place if you’re walking down Drottningsgatan.

Brunch at Greasy Spoon – Tjärhovsgatan 19

This place is super popular and always crammed with people. It does a great brunch (especially the bacon pancakes!) with refillable coffee, and you won’t spend much more than 100 kr.

greasy spoon

Phad Thai Deli – Tranebergsvägen 62

This is our ‘local’ where we pop in every time we don’t want to make dinner as it’s opposite our house and also really decently priced. It’s run by a friendly Thai couple who speak better Swedish than I do, and serves tasty hot Thai curries and excellent Pad Thai.

Basilica Restaurang (Swedish fast food) in the Mall of Scandinavia

I think this is a chain, but we ate in the one in the Mall of Scandinavia in Solna and it’s a great place to get your fill of really Swedish stuff like strömming (herring) or köttbullar (meatballs) with potato puree and the obligatory lingonberries. It also has free water, salad, bread and coffee.

Fika on the Fika Tram (7n from Norrmalmstorg)

This is a slightly unconventional suggestion, but if you want to have fika, you might as well combine it with a tram-ride around town! Hop on the tram which takes you to Djurgården and back in about 30 mins, and enjoy endless coffee and pastries for only about 80 kr including the ride ticket.

Hopefully this should be enough to fuel your visit to Stockholm. Which of these places have you tried? Do you have any other great cheap eateries for me to try?


7 thoughts on “The ultimate guide to eating on a budget in Stockholm

  1. Hej hej Alexa, thanks a ton. I was just looking for this, usually I make some pasta while staying in hostels, but this time little packed schedule and stockholm is notoriously expensive. Tack så mycket.


    1. Thanks – I hope it’s helpful. Eating and drinking in Stockholm is very expensive, but there are a few places that are decent value. Apart from the obvious cheapo choices like McDonalds or just grabbing food from a 7-11, these are all good options.

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