Goodbye nomad lifestyle, hello (again) London!

I feel fairly shocked myself to be writing this, but yes. After around 1.5 years on the road as a digital nomad, freelance translator and general gypsy I’ve landed back in London and I’m about to start a new office job.

For anyone who has been reading my posts in the last 18 months, you will know I’ve spent them travelling all across Europe, living in dozens of cities and countries and working as a freelance translator from wherever I am. I’ve spent 6 months in Sweden, 4 in Ukraine, 2-3 in Italy and the rest somewhere in between. And wow, it’s been pretty amazing.

So why did I decide to come back here and go back to an office job!?

Well, for a start, as I have probably mentioned before, I’m a bit of a workaholic. Actually, more like a lot – I have the badge and the t-shirt. Translation and localisation are my number one passion in life (tied with travel, anyway) and even though I’ve been able to keep up a good workflow as a freelancer, I don’t feel like it’s the best way to grow my career in the long term, and I miss the excitement of being really hands-on in the localisation process. Whilst it is a lot of fun travelling, I was starting to miss the work environment more and more, and feel like I was missing out and letting my career lag behind where I would like it to be right now.

There are also certain disadvantages to never being in one place for long enough. You never put down proper roots in a place and start to have the problem of not being able to get access to things like medical care, jobs, bank accounts and even store discount cards due to the fact you’re not a permanent resident or citizen, and you don’t have a permanent address. You don’t realise how many things you need an address for until you notice that everyone but you seems to have one. I was also losing money on exchange rates and fees for every single transaction I made (even though I was generally saving a lot just by not being in London).

And finally I also missed being able to hang out with my friends and family, and some of the social aspects of being in London.

So, we finally decided to finish up our journey and come back here for the immediate future. I’m just about to start a job as an in-house translator and manager in a very interesting company, so I’m very excited to get started.

However, I will definitely not stop travelling! As before, I will be spending all my possible spare time on trips away from the UK and writing about them on here, so watch this space.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye nomad lifestyle, hello (again) London!

  1. Perhaps consider staying for a slightly longer period in each country? 18 months in China for us turned into 4 years, but then China is like a continent 3 years in Holland was the most wonderful ever! The thing was – we had a base each time. Hope that helps!


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