A free e-book for digital nomads!

When I first started out travelling and working, I hadn’t even heard of digital nomads, nor did I realise that there was a growing community of other people out there doing a very similar thing to me. However, in the past couple of years, it seems that this movement has really taken off, with ever-growing numbers of people starting businesses or plying their trade from Thai beaches, freelancer hubs in major cities and little cafes in remote towns. From just about anywhere in fact! I myself have managed to translate and write from locations including a tent, my car, up a mountain and on the beach, in over 12 countries. I had to figure out how to make this work along the way, and quite frankly made 100 mistakes as I went along.

Luckily, now that being a digital nomad has become ‘a thing’, there are a lot more resources out there to give you some tips and advice on the practical side of getting out there and taking the plunge, should you so wish. If working from a beach in Chiang Mai sounds like your thing, before you hand in your notice and buy a huge backpack, it’s probably a good idea to read up on some of the practicalities. Things like taxes, visas, figuring out my income and healthcare abroad were a bit of a mystery to me when I left – and I definitely had to learn about them the hard way.

So, I’m pleased to offer you guys a FREE copy of Anywhere, an ebook written BY digital nomads FOR digital nomads, covering pretty much everything you might need to know to transition to the nomadic lifestyle. Here’s a quick summary of what’s inside:

“ANYWHERE” provides a broad-based education around several aspects of nomadic life, so you have a solid footing before you decide to pack your bags and begin your new life.

Such topics include:

  • How to transition your life and your career to that of a nomad
  • How to build your remote work safety net
  • How to select the host city & living situation that’s right for you
  • How to navigate the tax & legal complexities that a nomadic lifestyle can bring
  • How to effectively communicate with clients & colleagues afar
  • How to approach wellness, self-care and family life as a nomad
  • How to be a respectful nomad & true student of the world

… and more!

The ebook was kindly provided by And Co. who run an app for freelancers that helps you manage your time and finances. However this is NOT a sponsored post, simply a free resource for anyone who is interested in taking their work on the road.

You can download the book here.

Happy nomading!


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