Infographic: Top cities for working remotely in 2018

Remote working is one of the fastest growing trends in the modern work landscape and impacts nearly all industries from around the world. For many people who have shifted from an office job to remote work, this type of arrangement enables them to manage their time more freely based on their daily schedule and has allowed them to pursue some other things outside their chosen profession.

Because of this autonomy from the usual office setup, remote workers are more engaged and much more satisfied with their work – according to many studies. The recent report from Inc. Magazine, in fact, indicates that remote employees are almost twice as likely to work beyond 40 hours a week – and not just on menial tasks. Moreover, when employees are given the flexibility to control when and where they work, they can gain an extra hour of sleep per week, thus making them more attentive and alert, say researchers at Penn State University.

All told, working remotely sounds the ideal employment arrangement of the future, However, since not all remote workers are good in time management, it is quite easy to just spend the entire day alone in your pajamas. Which is why a lot of remote workers choose to work in coffee shops, libraries, or coworking space. In fact, many others are traveling to other cities, too!

A big part of remote working is having the freedom of location. As long as you have your equipment and a stable internet connection, you can work from almost anywhere in the world. By combining traveling and remote working, you will not only be able to secure a regular paycheck, but you will also be able to explore different cultures, meet new people, and experience new things in life.

If you are planning to remote work this year, then check out this infographic from Venture with Impact to learn the top cities for working remotely in 2018.

Comment below with your favourite city for working remotely!

Top Cities for Working Remotely in 2018

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