The brief guide to making the most of your trip to New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most captivating countries in the world. From the
mountain ranges to the bustling cities and lush greenery, there’s so much
to see and do in New Zealand. But before you jet off, here are a few useful
hints and tips to share on how to make the most of your trip.

Plan around the seasons

Situated close (sort of) to Australia, a common misconception is that New
Zealand’s weather is warm all year-round. This isn’t the case – New
Zealand is lucky enough to have very clear cut seasonal weather.
Summer (November to March) is the best time to visit the coasts, lapping
up all the greenery, whereas winter is perfect for hitting the slopes of
Whakapapa and Queenstown. Autumn is where all the colours come to life,
and the weather is slightly cooler and manageable if you’re doing more of
the adventurous stuff. Spring, although heating up, can be very windy and

Book early (very early)

It’s also important to remember that outside of the larger cities, New
Zealand isn’t completely set up to handle large tourism numbers. Therefore
a lot of accommodation around the big landmarks will be booked up
months in advance, so get in there early!
This also applies to any daredevil activities you fancy trying (skydiving
anyone?) – Ben Groundwater has some great advice on this.

cars parked beside mountains
Photo by Ketan Kumawat on

Plan your transport

Due to the travel time and dreaded jetlag which takes hold once you arrive,
it’s best to have all travel prepared in advance.

Intercity buses are the most popular way of getting around, and take you to
and from every popular attraction and area you could want. They’re also
pretty cheap, too. For those wanting to explore the South Island, a ferry
runs from the capital, Wellington, regularly.
Of course, it’s not as popular, but one of the best ways to see the country is
a good old road trip, especially when wanting to see some of the more
secluded spots. You’ve heard how many people love doing the campervan trick, right?
However, the roads are vast and winding, so be extra careful and
remember, they drive on the left!

Visit a Marae

The traditional sacred Marae is a must-see for anyone lucky enough to visit
New Zealand. However, as you’d expect, they must be treated with the
utmost respect. Within this includes some specific etiquette, such as the
removal of shoes prior to entering, and avoiding sitting anywhere food
would be placed, and learning some Maori phrases.

silhouette photo of person standing near body of water
Photo by Tyler Lastovich on

Enjoy both the country and city life

With the best of both worlds, it’s hard not to be spoilt for choice when it
comes to deciding between country and city life.
With hundreds of miles of unspoilt mountain ranges, lakes and countryside,
in-land is a solid choice for nature lovers who want to lose themselves in an
When it comes to cities, the capital Wellington is a must-see. Situated on
the coast, it’s a cultural hub with something always going on.

And for those Lord of The Rings movie fans, like me, don’t forget to check out Hobbiton!

gray wooden bridge
Photo by Ketan Kumawat on

What are you most excited to visit in New Zealand? Or have you got any extra tips to share with other readers? Let me know in the comments!

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