Three reasons why you should drive around Croatia

There is a lot more to Croatia than Dalmatians and Octopus salad. The vast and breathtaking scenery is bejewelled with nature’s riches, including sumptuous beaches, truffles, olive trees and national parks. Due to its warm weather in the off-season months of June and October, it is a popular travel destination for people seeking a tranquil getaway in which they can immerse themselves in culture. The roads of Zagreb and Dubrovnik get incredibly busy during the peak summer months so it is generally recommended to avoid road trips in big cities at these times.

  1. Drive past King’s Landing


Game of Thrones is probably the biggest, most universally popular television series of all time and the beguiling architecture and scenery of Croatia served as one of the main filming destinations for the show. The popularity of the fantasy series has increased tourism in the country and led to kooky offerings such as Game of Thrones-themed dinners at Restaurant Kopun in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik’s old town is surrounded by the same imposing city walls that can be seen on the television program, and it’s the perfect place to stop for a day. Other places keen fans of the show can visit are: Diocletian’s Palace in Split which was the setting for Daenerys’ throne room, Klis Fortress near Split where scenes in Meereen were filmed, Pile in Dubrovnik which was Blackwater Bay and many more.

  1. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the spoils of Croatia


One of the glorious things about the idyllic scenery and the azure coastlines of Croatia is that it doesn’t cost much at all to eat, drink, or sleep there. If you’re on a budget it really is the ideal location for a road trip. Due to over-fishing in the Adriatic, fish is getting expensive in the country so choose other cuisines to avoid costly meals.

However, don’t allow low prices to influence important decisions regarding safety on your road trip. Fatality rates are the lowest they’ve ever been on EU roads, with an average death rate of 49-in-a-million, but it’s still important to make sure you drive safely and choose a car that suits your style the best. Driving in a smaller vehicle will cut costs further and facilitate getting around the off-piste dirt roads and villages.

3. Enjoy driving through Baroque architecture and Romanesque churches on well-maintained roads


The majesty of the buildings themselves is reason enough to take a road trip in Croatia, but the roads are also expertly maintained. You’ll find that main routes, country roads, and dirt roads are all kept to a very high standard – making the almost meditative experience of driving in the country even more enjoyable. You are at a low-risk of running out of petrol, as large cities are never more than two or three hours away and even smaller towns usually have a petrol station or two. There are so many reasons to visit Croatia, and driving around at your own pace is the perfect way to experience them all!

Have you visited Croatia or done a road trip there? What are your tips on what not to miss?

2 thoughts on “Three reasons why you should drive around Croatia

  1. I visited Croatia two years ago and I fell in love with the place! I’d love to go back someday, possible for a roadtrip.


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