The best Vegetarian and Vegan spots in Prague

I’ve been to Prague several times but it was only on my most recent visit that I really had the chance to dig a little bit further into the city’s multitude of vegan and vegetarian offerings. Whilst Czechia in general is usually known for its rather heavy and meat-based cuisine, Prague is actually a mecca for dozens of modern and delicious plant-based options.

Typical Czech cuisine, as you’ll almost certainly know if you’ve spent so much as a day there, is mostly based around fatty meats (duck, pork), heavy dumplings and gravy-like sauces. While some of those dishes are undoubtedly delicious, the options on the menu for us herbivores can be few and far between. If you walk into a typical local or tourist-oriented Czech joint with no prior research, the likelihood is there will be few to no vegetarian dishes on offer. Usually the one vegetarian option is fried cheese. Which is pretty tasty the first time, a little heavy and greasy the second, and… well, you probably don’t want to order it a third time. Also, of course, it’s absolutely not vegan, so unfortunately these types of restaurants are a no-go for the most part.

But don’t despair! I’ve done the hard work of eating my way around this charming city to find some of the best spots for plant-based food. Read on and enjoy!

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of all the vegan options in Prague, nor is it a definitive ranking of the best ones. Prague has a huge veggie scene and I sadly did not have time to sample all of it. This is merely a quick-start guide to some great options I was lucky enough to try during my last visit. With that said, on to the food…

Moment Vegan Cafe

Moment is a cute and casual all-vegan spot in a trendy neighbourhood of Prague. If you want to get acquainted with the local hipsters, this is the place to go! Even if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, Moment was one of the best places I went to during the trip for delicious and hearty vegan options. If you’re accompanied by non-vegans who are wary of ‘rabbit food’, this is the perfect choice as it offers everything from goulash to burgers to fully-loaded bagels – veganised! I hear they also do delicious cakes, but unfortunately I was so full from my (vegan) cheese-topped bagel that I didn’t have enough space to try one.

The menu changes regularly here so there is always something new to try, and there are plenty of options which will please almost any food-fan, vegan or otherwise.


Blatouch Veggie Pub

Blatouch is a pub – a pretty standard cosy and relaxed beer drinking spot with a huge, typically pubby interior and tables outside. Everything you’d expect from a normal pub… Except it just happens to be fully veggie! Not everything is vegan, but there are plenty of options on the menu and many vegetarian meals can also be veganised.

I chose the healthy option of zucchini spaghetti, but there were some more typical pub-grub offerings too, from ‘kebabs’ to bagels, chips, soups and more. And of course you can wash it down with a big choice of local beers, given that this place is, after all, a pub. In my opinion it makes a nice change from the typical vegan places that might sometimes seem a bit too ‘hippy’ for some. If you’re with a group of friends or family, chances are they won’t even notice the lack of meat-based options here.



If you’re looking for something a little more in the direction of a nice restaurant for an evening meal rather than a cafe, pub or street-food, then Pastva might just hit the spot. Fully vegan, it’s got a stylish interior with table service, wine and a fairly extensive menu. Whether you prefer a burger, ramen or a sophisticated option such as roasted cauliflower, there is something on offer for most tastes. There’s also good wine by the bottle, and they were happy to give us several carafes of tap water for free.

The prices are by no means overly high, but the ambiance is quite classy and it’s definitely a nice option for a classy dinner.


Sweet Secret of Raw

If your sweet tooth is calling you, this little cafe tucked away near Namesti Miru tram stop is here to save your day. Offering hot and cold drinks and raw cakes, this is the perfect rest stop for a sweet energy boost. I am not 100% sure that everything is vegan, but certainly most of it is and the staff speak impeccable English and are happy to help you choose based on your tastes and dietary requirements.

I came here twice, because the cakes were simply so good – and even somewhat healthy! It’s a little pricey, but for the beautiful presentation of the cakes, the fact they are made from raw ingredients and that they are super delicious makes it worth the price.



Plevel is a unique restaurant that offers some vegan twists on Czech cuisine as well as burgers and co. They also have good Czech beers on tap. I had a big and very filling plate of a vegan version of the Slovak speciality ‘halusky’ which is usually made with (lots of) sheep’s cheese. Here it was veganised with a spinach dough, hummus in place of cheese and seitan pieces. Definitely a good spot if you’re craving Czech specialities but you want them to be veganised. The guy working there had a very quirky sense of humour and spoke English very well, which was helpful in understanding the food choices and deciding what to eat. He also gave us Plevel stickers at the end, so win-win.



I saved the best for last, as my absolute favourite place I visited in Prague was probably Satsang. I hear it does amazing brunches in the morning, but I only ate here at dinnertime, so I’ll have to check the brunch out next time. The restaurant is fully vegetarian with plenty of vegan options, and all the eggs and dairy products they use are organic and local with high ethical standards.

The menu isn’t entirely Asian but has an Asian leaning. We had Thai curries which were not only vegan but also really hot with a very authentic flavour.

That’s not the best part though. The best part is prosecco on tap. Yes, you read that right, they have prosecco on tap, so prepare to fill and refill to your heart’s content. There’s even a prosecco happy hour if you arrive before 7pm.


So that’s it for my quick review of my favourite veggie spots I discovered during my latest trip. As I mentioned, this is by no means all the vegan places in Prague as the vegan scene seems to be absolutely exploding there. So I hope you’re hungry and ready to try a lot of epic vegan food!

Do you have another vegan or vegetarian friendly suggestion in Prague? Let me know below!


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