About me

Hello there and welcome to Wanderlust Languages – my personal blog about my lifestyle as a translator and digital nomad, slow-travelling Europe whilst working freelance.


I started out with a degree in languages and a Masters in Translation, after which I worked in London for three years for a great language-learning and app development company, where I was essentially responsible for localisation, social media, copywriting and all things language-related. I loved this job a lot, but as a linguist and incurable travel-addict, I started to get restless and wonder about how I could combine my chosen career in localisation with my passion for travel and desire for freedom.

So, in 2015 I quit my job, said goodbye to my family, friends and colleagues, and basically just got in a car with my partner and headed for the EuroTunnel. That was the start of my travel and freelance journey, which has so far taken me to around 20 different countries. Since then, I’ve lived in Ukraine, Sweden and Italy, as well as visiting many others.

So this blog is basically about my three loves in life – languages (I speak German, Spanish, French and Italian, and am learning Russian), travel, and of course translation – and how I combine them to make a living from anywhere in the world!

Ciao for now!